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Grindhouse evolved from a group of highly driven individuals on the forums, to a dedicated team working towards a common goal - augmenting humanity using safe, affordable, open source technology.

We believe that with imagination and drive, any of us can feel and touch EMF fields, explore its contours, sense the temperature of objects across a room, navigate a room using a sonar sense, or even connect the body to the Internet - right now. It is that dream above all that drives us to create.

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Bottlenose v0.1

The Bottlenose interacts with an implanted magnet by taking in a large range of data such as sonar, UV, Wi-Fi, or thermal information and translates it to a magnetic field via induction.

Grindhouse Wetware also provides a haptic version of the Bottlenose, which does not require a magnet implant. The haptic model vibrates with varying intensity in the presence of sensory information. Any sensor can be substituted or added to the provided kit. Instructions on how this is done are provided in this video.



Circadia is an implantable device that can read biomedical data and transmit it to the Internet via bluetooth.

Instead of taking snapshots of your health by visiting a doctor, weeks or months of medical data can be aggregated for personal viewing.

Messages, warnings, or texts from your android phone to Circadia implant can be displayed via LEDs through your skin.


Thinking Cap

Thinking Cap implements tDCs concepts to stimulate your brain with a direct current, potentially raising or lowering the energy of stimulated neurons, which will allow them to fire more or less easily. This activates or deactivates a given region, which engages certain brain states.


North Star

North Star is a subdermal star implant that lights up under your skin. It is a lightweight version of Circadia. With the use of a magnet, you can turn the high definition LEDS on in a star pattern.


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